“Typically…outside of the COVID-19 Pandemic…monthly chapter meetings including a 30-40 minute program are held on the 4th Thursday of the months of August to October.

In December, we usually hold our Annual FMWAS Holiday Meeting and Members’ Photography Show and return to monthly chapter meetings including a 30-40 minute programs from January to April.

Our Annual Meeting Dinner and election of officers and directors is in May, which typically includes a noted guest speaker.

Our Board-ratified FMWAS Health and Safety Policy bars our in-person meetings until an effective vaccine is approved and widely deployed in our area.

Outside of the COVID-19 Pandemic, we met at 7:00pm at Room 2142, Baroco Science Center (Bldg. 21), Pensacola State College, 21 Airport Blvd., Pensacola, FL 32504.

The meeting room is directly across the breezeway from the planetarium. Starting on December 3, 2020, we meet on Zoom!


And that means Members and Friends, who want to attend need to register for Zoom Meetings.

This is a Zoom security recommendation and we concur. Registration means FMWAS needs to know your email address.

The best way to to get all Zoom invitations and FMWAS notifications for Field Trips and Bird Walks, electronic copies of Skimmer and Special Events is on this website ( on the Navigation Bar:

1. Please select and go to PUBLICATIONS PAGE

2. On the drop-down bar select E-LETTER

3. Sign-up for Zoom Meetings and FMWAS notifications by selecting:


4. “Click to sign-up to receive emails from FMW Audubon Society”

5. Follow the prompts and fill in the requested information

Then you’ll always “stay in the know” about FMWAS news, events and schedule changes.

As always, FMWAS pledges to never share your information outside FMWAS’ Board of Directors and will only share with you pertinent information about FMWAS news, events and schedule changes.

Hope you take the time to do these quick and easy steps and we look forward to seeing you at the monthly Zoom Membership Meetings and all the FMWAS events going forward.