Francis M. Weston Audubon Society

P.O Box 17484

Pensacola, FL 32522

December, 2022

Dear Audubon members and friends,

     As I reflect on the past seven months as your President, I have a deep sense of gratitude both for the membership of FMWAS and for our Board of Directors and Committee Chairs.  We have all strived to return things to “normal” following covid times, and I am pleased to report to you that, thanks to the hard work of our Committee Chairs, we have been able to offer:

a)      After a hiatus this fall, a plan for a New Birder class this spring, complete with field experience, presented by our Education co-chairs;

b)      A series of Bird Walks, with an increase in the number of participants,

c)      Continuing monitoring of the UWF Bald Eagle nest as a Conservation project;

d)      Relocating and nurturing the plantings at Bruce Beach despite a dry spell and nearby construction this summer and fall by our Center Team;

e)      Publishing our Newsletter, The Skimmer, and posting notices via Publicity;

f)       And holding our Membership meetings in person and via ZOOM.

     I am sure that you’ll agree that the FMWAS Board has been able to move forward on the plans we ambitiously set forth during our June planning meeting.  We are hopeful that these successes will continue into the spring and you will be able to rejoin your fellow birders in upcoming activities.  Of course, none of the above would have been possible without the ongoing financial support from you, our members, and friends.  And so, we humbly and gratefully ask you to consider FMWAS in your year-end giving.  Thank you for your generosity and “Good Birding”!

Sincerely yours,

Jim Brady, President

FMWAS is a 501©(3) public benefit charity under the Internal Revenue Code and is a registered Florida-exempt charitable organization per Florida Statutes, Chapter 496. FMWAS is qualified and capable of accepting full or partial Required Minimum Distributions (RMD) from tax-deferred savings and retirement accounts; if you are interested in this means of donation, you should talk to your financial advisor (FMWAS’s TIN is:        (51-0204114).  FMWAS promises to never share your personal information with any non-FMWAS third parties nor vendors.