The May field trip to Blackwater River State Forest was a perfect day for birding. A light cloud cover kept the heat down without the threat of rain. When we turned onto Three Notch Road headed north, we were surrounded by pines, tall and slender, with an understory of wire grass, and a scattering of palmettos, scrubby oaks, gallberry, and a variety of wildflowers. Driving slowly we listened for the clear, sweet   …more


 ‘Old time’ experienced birders who have participated in the Pensacola Christmas Bird Counts know that over the years there have been significant changes in area birdlife. I recently came across an old checklist of the 20 Dec 1980 CBC and decided to compare it with the 40 years later 19 Dec 2020 CBC results. Both counts were similar with 93 party hours for 1980 and 91.5 for 2020, 35 participants for 1980 …more


When we purchased our home ten years ago, it had the typical suburban NW Florida yard with a mix of the good, the bad, and the ugly. We were fortunate to have several well-established “good” trees, including live and laurel oaks (Quercus virginiana & Quercus laurifolia), southern magnolia (Magnolia grandiflora), and black cherry trees (Prunus serotina). The deciduous live oaks(Quercus virginiana), which appear to be ...more