A few of us did the Winter Birding Cruise from Blakeley State Park this morning – our third birding outing in freezing conditions this year!

I’ve attached the photo I took of the Pensacola contingent on board the Delta Explorer.  There were quite a few birders from Eastern Shore Audubon with us and three of their ladies acted as guides.

Our captain was very amenable and whenever a bird was pointed out he turned the boat and drove towards it so we could get a better view.

It was a treat seeing so many White Pelicans as well as a Krider’s Red-tailed Hawk close-up.

There were also lots of juvenile Bald Eagles, Bald Eagles on nests, as well as Ring-billed, Laughing and a few Herring Gulls, lots of Coot, Dunlin, Willet, etc – but no ducks!

We had a great lunch at Blue Gill before heading back to Blakeley State Park.

By Cindy Coster