Many people begin their birding experiences with the desire to take pictures of birds.  
These experienced and skilled “shooters” have learned some tricks that result in excellent bird photographs.

Brenda Callaway shares some helpful hints for photographing birds.  
 1.  Be prepared to take a lot of bad photos! We all delete a lot more than we keep, seriously, a lot more.
2.  Back-up your photos. Clear your cards off after each session. Nothing is more frustrating than seeing “card full” when you find yourself in the perfect position with perfect light!
3.  Have backup batteries.
4.  Go often, shoot a lot, and if possible and safe, go alone. 
5.  Spend more time watching the birds at first than you do photographing. This will help you learn bird behavior and be better able to anticipate their movements when you are shooting.
6.  Take a birding photography workshop if you are at all able (Jack Rogers our of St. Augustine is great and it won’t break the bank). Your skills will increase exponentially in one short weekend.
Bridget DeArman has a few ideas to assist the beginning bird photographer.
My thoughts are: 
!.  You will have to learn to shoot on manual settings.
2.  Get a good zoom lens, 
3.  Start with easy birds, (ones that will stand still)
4.  Lighting is your best friend,
5.  Get to know bird behavior,
6.  Have tons of patience, 
7.  Practice a ton!
Photographs by Larry Goodman