2020 Rooftop Nesting Volunteer Opportunities

For more information, please call the Rooftop Nesting Biologist
with Audubon Florida at
570-242-7524 or rebekah.snyder@audubon.org

1.Fencing Removal

  • Remove chick protective fencing from three rooftops at the Silver Sands Premium Outlets

Date/Time: 09/01/2020       10AM

  • Remove chick protective fencing from the Piggly Wiggly in Ft Walton Beach

Date/Time: TBD

Requirements: Must wear closed-toed shoes and bring your own working gloves and face covering. Will need to climb a ladder to access roof, so should be ok with heights. The day could be long and hot, but you may come and go as you please. Should wear clothing to minimize sun exposure risk. Some heavy lifting required (no more than 12-15 pounds).

2.Winter Surveys

  • Assist in nonbreeding coastal surveys with Audubon staff

Date/Time: Varies. Please email rebekah.snyder@audubon.org for the season’s tentative schedule

Requirements: Will need to be able to walk long distances in the elements. Will need to drive to site locations and bring your own binoculars/scope/camera

3. Site Risk Evaluations

  • Conduct site evaluations of rooftops in your area! This is an opportunity for you to create your own schedule and work on you own time. During evaluations, you will learn how to assess risks to rooftop nesting birds, such as identifying predator perching areas, looking for exposed gutters, etc. We will be happy to teach you and train you!

Date/Time: You decide!

Requirements: Will need to be willing to drive to each site for observations. Will have a data sheet to be filled out and submitted to the Rooftop Nesting Biologist at Audubon FL

4. Update Contacts List

  • Research and update landowner/manager contacts list. This is an opportunity to work from home and create your own schedule!

Each rooftop that is suitable for rooftop nesting birds receives letters from Audubon/FWC before, during, and post nesting season regarding their rooftop’s activity. Updating each site’s main point of contact and mailing address is important to ensure that the manager and/or landowner receives these notices. Additionally, we are trying to gain electronic addresses, so you will need to play a little bit of a detective role in this position.

Date/Time: You decide!

Requirements: Will need a computer and internet access to search for sites on county websites. May need to make phone calls and “do some digging.” Will have to use Google docs to update site list.

5. Social Media Informant

  • Create posts to share to the Facebook group “Rooftop Nesting Seabirds and Shorebirds of North America” to engage our members in rooftop nesters and conservation throughout the nonbreeding season. This is a work from home and on your own schedule opportunity. And you don’t have to be a wizard on Facebook to help out! We simply need someone to write a post – whether it’s a fact about terns, an article about rooftop nesters that you found, or anything that has to do with seabirds and shorebirds on rooftops. This is a fun way to learn about birds and engage others!

Date/Time: you decide!

Requirements: Will need internet access to do basic research regarding your post. Will need a Facebook account to post to the group.