A fellow in Naples, Florida was recently found to be ‘not guilty’ for a fire that destroyed several homes, injured one person and scorched 7500 acres in Collier County.

Gasoline fueled lawn mowers cause far more damage daily across Florida than most of us could imagine.

The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that a single gasoline powered lawn mower produces as much poison, in the form of nitric oxides, as eleven new cars!  The difference results from mandated converters on cars—not required for lawn mowers.

Every homeowner with a lawn should consider converting to an electric lawn mower.  They are comparable in cost and efficiency of operation with no gasoline fumes, storage, exhaust or fire danger, and they are available at Lowe’s and other outlets, at prices similar to gasoline models. I know.  I have been pushing a quiet, clean air electric over my small lawn area for the past eight years.

Stop polluting the air, folks!  Or even better, replace all or some of that lawn with native and locally adaptable plants, beneficial to birds and wild life.

by Jere French