Message From The Board of Directors

07/07/2020 – PRINT FORMAT LINK

When FMWAS’ leadership, membership and potential membership know where FMWAS is going, we allow even greater opportunities for all to help us ensure our success in getting there.

Our FMWAS mission is clearly defined in our by laws. Any and all goals must harken back to the “understanding and preservation of birds.” Simply put, mission plus goals equals vision. Most importantly, our goals help answer the question, how can we align all our efforts and resources to achieve FMWAS strategic success?”


For 2020-2021, the board approved our FMWAS goals on 06/20/20. They are:

A Year For “Education For All About Our Birds.”

A Year of “Renewed Avian Conservation For All.”

A Year of “Successfully Inviting Youth and People of Color To FMWAS.”

A Year of “Planting Native Trees and Plants Creating a ‘Center In Being’ at Bruce Beach.”  Note: A “Center In Being;” is a visual, social and public demonstration of FMWAS unified with our allies in action educating about birds, conserving for birds, inviting youth and people of color to join us, but without “owning a roof or structure” but rather being defined by volunteers planting native trees and plants to support native and migratory birds and using the site to educate all about our birds.

How do we achieve such goals in the midst of a COVID-19 pandemic? On 07/07/20, in the shadow of a week of tens thousands of new COVID-19 cases per day in Florida the board unanimously ratified an additional emergency Health and Safety action policy and plan, which is published here:

FMWAS Health and Safety Policy and Plan

(Unanimously approved by the Board on 07/07/20)


Because of the health emergency and associated risks to the well-being of all caused by the COVID-19 Pandemic and per the Center of Disease Control (CDC) guidelines:


Francis M. Weston Audubon Society (FMWAS) suspends future “in-person” monthly Membership Meetings until a suitable-time after COVID-19 vaccine is approved and generally available to the public.

The Board shall investigate, develop, and implement a plan and program for monthly virtual Membership Meetings and Member-accessible programming using the best, most cost-effective and available technology no later than November 30, 2020.

Board meetings shall continue to be virtual using the best available technology until a suitable-time after COVID-19 vaccine is approved and generally available to the public.

In October 2020 and until vaccine approval and availability, the Board shall plan and program prototype field trips (in-10/20) and bird walks (in-11/20) and virtual field trips and bird walk (no later than 11/30/20).

In-person field trips and bird walks shall have the following, required stipulations:

1. CDC Guidelines including Social Distancing rules shall be strictly applied.

2. Face masks shall be worn at all times by all participants and leaders.

3 .Each Field Trip/Bird Walk participation shall be no more than two (2) distinct participant groups of five (5) participants plus one (1) leader per participant group.

4. FieldTrip/Bird Walk participants shall provide their own transportation to/from the event for themselves and members of their household unit.

5. The Field Trip/Bird Walk leader has direct Board delegated authority to cancel any event if they determine risk exceeds benefit.