SPECIAL EVENT – Volunteer help is needed!

What: : Join a Walk
When: Wednesday Evenings at 6 pm on May 3, 10, 17 and 24. Friday Mornings at 9 am on May 5, 12, and 19
Where: Email: aljones@audubon.org to register and learn location. (All depends on where birds are nesting!)  Join Audubon’s Andrea Jones to learn about Florida’s Shorebirds and Audubon’s Bird Steward Program.  Andrea will be offering guided walks to help educate the public on Florida’s beach-nesting birds. You don’t want to miss these (free!) events.  Birds are nesting, eggs are hatching, and chicks will be out and about. The summer weekend and holidays are soon upon us and that brings a lot more people to our beaches. This means we need more protection for our cute little chicks! We have opportunities where you can help on Pensacola Beaches and rooftops.  Learn about the issues facing these important bird species: beach impacts, habitat decline, predation, and hear about statewide efforts to reverse the declining population trend.

SPECIAL EVENT – Memorial Day Weekend Volunteers needed!

Our Least Tern and Black Skimmer friends made it to NW Florida and have settled down to nest in our area.  Audubon staff and volunteers have been busy marking nest sites to let our feathered friends nest without distrubance. However, during holiday weekends, nesting areas are particularly susceptible to being lost due to the number of people on the beaches.  We need your help, please come out during Memorial day weekend to help us steward by keeping an eye on nesting areas and letting beach goers know about our seabirds.  If you can make it out during the holiday weekend and would like to help out, please contact Caroline Stahala (cstahala@audubon.org) and we can set up between Pensacola and Navarre beaches to help out. Come spend some time with the birds!



What makes a birder?

We asked the members of our beginning birding class if they would answer a few questions about how they became interested in birding.

Here are a few of their responses..




By most standards, Admiral Mason is a small park. Its major feature is a manmade rainwater retention pond with a paved walk ideal for checking out wildlife. This April I have been photographing a Pied-billed Grebe and its five chicks.    …more



In selecting plants for your garden, it’s hard to avoid non-natives.  Most nurseries and home centers sell little else, which are grown in massive greenhouses under artificial lighting and soil conditions.  Planted in your …more