Seabird Volunteer Party and End of Nesting Season Wrap Up

WHAT: Audubon Florida would like to invite you to our annual ‘Volunteers, friends and anyone with an interest in the local seabirds’ get-together.
WHEN: Monday August 12, 2019 at 6 pm
WHERE: Navarre Beach Marine Park

If you have given any of your time to help protect the nesting seabirds, have stopped by to look at the seabirds or have any interest at all in finding out more about the seabirds, please come by to celebrate a successful nesting season. We will provide information on the outcome of each of the nesting colonies on Pensacola Beach, Navarre Beach and local rooftops.

Awards will be given out to some of our dedicated volunteers and goodie bags for everyone. Food will be provided.

For more information please contact Caroline Stahala (cstahala@audubon.org).

WILDfest 2019 Open House

WHAT: The Sanctuary is celebrating the beginning of our 38th year as a non-profit with WILDfest 2019!!!  WILDfest is our annual fundraiser and educational event.
WHEN: September 7th,2019.  The event is from noon till 3:30 p.m. so be ready….
WHERE: Wildlife Sanctuary of Northwest Florida will be the WILD place to be!

Join us for the celebration with live music by Southern Revival Band on the Sanctuary grounds.  Their music will brighten your day as you visit with the raptors and their handlers, tour the exhibits, visit with the pelicans, count the turtles on the pond, snack on tasty treats from our bake sale and food booths, and of course special presentations offered by UF/IFAS Escambia County Sea Grant, ECUA’s Quench Buggy, and Roy Hyatt Environmental Center plus kids wildlife games in the children’s area!!!

Our WILDfest 2019 tee shirt artist is the fabulous Paula Payne!  Shirts go on sale for the first time the day of the event September 7th.  The Wildlife gift shop will have tee shirts and wildlife items on sale…. Shop early for the holidays….Make your gifts count by supporting our mission to give wildlife a second chance.


Enchantment. Exhilaration. Breathless rapture.  No one at work understands when I explain the elation that comes with a great birding experience.

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Northern Cardinal, a beautiful bird, but one so often found in our backyard that we rarely grab our binoculars to study them.  While I’ve taken these industrious neighbors for granted, researchers have observed some interesting behaviors.

Northern Cardinals have more than two dozen songs. …more


Plastic has many important uses, but it comes with many problems – it wastes non-renewable petroleum resources, releases toxic chemicals into our environment, leads to litter which kills and injures sea turtles and sea birds, clogs sewers, and hinders recycling, and provides a means for toxins to enter our