WHAT: Beginner birding classes

WHEN: March 17, 24, 28

WHERE: Pensacola Public Library, downtown at 239 N. Spring St.

These classes with field trips are a wonderful opportunity for individuals in the community to learn about birds in the Pensacola area. The first class on Tuesday, March 17, 2020 covers birding basics (binoculars, field guides, birding ethics, etc.). The second class, Tuesday, March 24, covers how to identify birds of the shoreline (sandpipers, herons, gulls, terns, ospreys, eagles, etc). …more


WHAT: Rooftop Nesting Fencing

As we approach the end of January of this wonderful New Year, here at Audubon we are gearing up and getting ready for our rooftop nesting season! We have a lot of volunteer opportunities coming up that I hope many of you will choose to be a part of. I’ve attached a brief list and description of each, as follows:

  1. Rooftop Fencing – Many of our sites have fencing that is installed at the beginning of each nesting season to help prevent chick falls. Most of our sites are in Santa Rosa and Okaloosa county and need to be completed in February.
  2. Chick Shelter Designs – We re-purpose old pallets into flat chick shelters that can be transported up to the rooftops easily. We need about a dozen made! Several of our rooftop sites did not have the appropriate shelters. These need to be done by March 1. No woodworking skills required, but if you have tools that is helpful!
  3. Decoy Painting – Several Black Skimmer and Least Tern decoys need to be touched up with paint and wood glue for our rooftop at the Panama City Dillard’s. Least Terns and Skimmers began nesting there since the early 1990’s and Audubon is working on attracting the Skimmers back to the location. No art training necessary! Decoys need to be finished by March 1.
    *Note: cannot guarantee that each site will have nesting birds*

If you or anyone you know is interested in any of these opportunities, please do not hesitate to call or email me. Rebekah Snyder Rooftop Nesting Technician (570)242-7524 Rebekah.Snyder@audubon.org



Our Newfoundland journey had brought us back to where we started; St. Johns, the capital of the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador and the Monroe House perched on a tree-lined ridge overlooking and just steps away from St. John’s Harbor.  …more


(Carya Glabra)

Awkward arching gray-grained trunk, bent to the whims of nature, bearing nuts for squirrels, and leaves that float in a breeze of golden rain at Christmastime, covering the deck like snow.

Wood like iron but soft to the touch, for a tool handle, or a wagon …more



A community is coming together to restore Bruce Beach for recreation and wildlife.

In November, led by Barbara Albrecht, students from Trinitas Christian School and members of the Native Plant Society spent an afternoon creating a small demonstration garden at …more